A new innovative and responsible approach

to the aesthetic and well-being

The first i.patchs were created 10 years ago. They are the quintessence of the medical knowledge and the know-how in physiological low frequency micro-currents of the conceptors, physicians and engineers, of the company. From the beginning, a demanding and responsible philosophy conducted this ambitious project : take care oneself and maintain a young and healthy appearance in a different way without any additional chemical substances while respecting the safety of the person and the beauty of his environtment. In order for the large public to access to the high technology, the conceptors succeeded to simplifying to extremes i.patch use, sophisticated micro-current programmes are memorized in the devices weighing only a few grams with automatic functioning. Their use becomes so easy and intuitive: just press on a button, relax while the complete treatment programme takes place in a soft and comfortable way until automatic switching off. Thanks to the keenness of physiological micro-currents, the treatment becomes moment's rest during which a true work of detoxication, restoration of tissue rebuilding is set up. And in the face rejuvenation treatment which is the leading method of the company, it is a real cure of youth given to the dermis cells and epidermis: the wrinkles are filled up, the skin texture refined, the glow is restored and the skin illuminates.

In addition, the miniaturization of i.patchs offers to the users the permanent availability of the devices and the respect of nature due to the small quantity of raw material necessary to manufacture and rejected waste in use.

Finally, the i.patches are medical devices whose quality of manufacture to the medical standards is rigorously inspected and the efficacy clinically proven in anti-ageing (face and body) as well as well-being treatment (pain, muscular deseases, stress or nicotine addition). Innovating constantly, I.Management France succeeded in developing a complete range of i.patches targeting fields as varied as the aesthetic and the well-being. This dynamism confers to the French company an unique place in France and foreign parts. Protected by international patents and exhibited in the four corners of the earth, the i.patches always create visitor's enthusiasm, they are more and more exported for the great satisfaction of the women and men who use them.


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