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For true, natural, harmonious facial rejuvenation: SKEEN PATCH©

Beauty World Middle East – Dubai – June 01/03, 2010

Arab Health - International convention centre - Dubai - Janvier 24/27, 2011


I.MANAGEMENT will be unveiling its new SKEEN PATCH© facial rejuvenation technique at Beauty World Middle East. Going one step further in the principle of bioelectric therapy, the company has developed a triple-variable micro-current for cellular regeneration, specifically intended to repair and treat aging elements in neck and facial skin, restoring true, natural, harmonious rejuvenation in just a few weeks.

This treatment by micro-current, known as anti-aging micro-current, is totally innocuous, painless and non-invasive, and it aims at restoring facial volumes and the face’s oval shape, as well as making the skin denser, filling cracks and smoothing wrinkles, giving the shine back to the skin and improving its texture.

When stimulated by SKEEN PATCH anti-aging micro-current, ATP production is boosted by up to 500%, as is the flow of amino-acids (nutrients crossing the cellular membrane) by about 40%. ATPs are the fuel providing vital energy to cell activity. Their growth is thus optimised and their regeneration speeds up, resulting in the fast and lasting production of skin support tissue such as collagen and elastin fibres, reorganising the deep structural layer, the dermis, which becomes denser.

A great number of clinical trials in France and Japan have shown in-depth improvements on a constant basis and in only a few weeks, both in terms of total facial remodelling and skin quality.

In addition, SKEEN PATCH© designers have succeeded in greatly simplifying use by setting the sophisticated programmes inside the memory of the device, which only weighs a few grams, and automating its operation. Compact and wireless, the device is clipped on to a self-adhesive electrode, and users simply have to press a button and let the automated programmes run, until they come to a full stop. Thanks to the delicate nature of the physiological micro-stimulations, the treatment is a moment of relaxation, during which an in-depth labour of tissue detoxification, repair and reconstruction is launched.

Easy to use, SKEEN PATCH© is intended for both men and women aged 35 to 75, who wish either to slow down facial aging, or to rejuvenate their face following the impact of time or sunshine.


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